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Who we are ?

puce The BSDV S.A. has been active on the market since 1984, planning and installing biogas lines for methanization units or for technical landfills.

Our equipments are studied, planned and installed according to the best technologies and existing materials and are capable to minimize your preoccupations and attend to all your needs. Our performance, as a rule, has applied our know how in the development and accomplishment of control solutions and biogas valorization with immediate results.

The conception of the equipments by our engineering lab, the selection of materials and the follow up in the manufacturing of the destruction units and the use of first line French gasometer [gas holder] are the quality guarantee of its biogas valorization installations.


With 25 years of experience, we offer our materials and services that cover the whole selection of equipments related to the biogas line :

  • Gasometers.
  • Destruction units, incinerators.
  • Boilers (hot water, vapor).
  • Biogas valorization (co-generator, micro turbines, gas or vapor turbines, injection of natural gas lines etc.).
  • Agitators, valves and flame flash back systems.
  • Boilers (vapor reactor) and stainless piping, PEHD).
  • Flexible canopy over treatment equipment.

Actually, BSDV is responsible for more than :

  • 350 installations of capture or biogas destruction.
  • 12 000 m3/h of treated biogas – 43 000 m3 of stockpiling.
  • The equivalent of 480 000 TEP (Petrol tons equivalent) / year.
  • An electric or thermal valorization of 348 000 MW.

Built to work, manufactured to last.



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